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The Republican Guard: a holistic link between past, present and future? Interview with Commandant Lamarre, comments by Nathalie MOLHO, expert in real estate Paris France

Republican Guard Parade
Republican Guard Parade

As explained to me by Mr. Pierre Lamarre, officer of the Communication cabinet of the Republican Guard, this subdivision of the gendarmerie was officially created in 1802 by BONAPARTE (but its origins go back to 1254  when the famous watch was a security unit created in Paris in by Saint Louis, mainly responsible for the policing the city). The Republican Guard formerly called "Municipal Guard of Paris", now dependent on the Ministry of the Interior and also the Defense, has several missions, including protecting the high places of power or being a presidential escort and also to ensure the safety of Parisians.

The Quarter of Célestins (very close to Quai des Célestins) is built on the site of a former
covent, the covent of Celestins ( founded in the 14th century) and is a seoarate entity in le MARAIS, with more than 150 employees and as many families who live there, as well as 150 horses. It houses the Commander of the Republican Guard, who is also General of the division and commands the regiment of the Cavalry of the Republican Guard
It was between 1895 and 1901 that the last elements of the cloister were demolished during the construction of the new headquarters of the staff of the Republican Guard, boulevard Henri IV
Republican Guard front house Bd HENRI IV
Republican Guard front house Bd HENRI IV

Today from the Célestins headquarter several patrols on foot and on horseback, depart daily through Paris. But the protection and security of Parisians does not epitomize the very essence of this powerful entity, inseparable from the republican symbol by its panache, excellence and prestige. Indeed, when President Emmanuel Macron offered Vesuve Brekka, a horse, to Chinese President Xi Jinping two weeks ago, it became  one of the symbols of diplomatic relations and the Franco-Chinese friendship.
Music is a part of the universe of the Republican Guard. The professional musicians play on varied registers and interpret an extentive repertory. It’s all this know-how and excellence that Parisians admire, especially during the great parade of July 14th
The cavalry fanfare (120 musicians) perpetuates the tradition of the ringtones which, ,
I quote the Guard web site  "transmitted with the drums the orders of the military maneuver.
 The characteristic beat of the timpani and the clear sound of the trumpets invariably arouse
 epic dreams.”
Republican guard cavalry fanfare
Republican guard cavalry fanfare

By the picturesque traditional uniform, the sumptuous flames of trumpets and timpani aprons,the brilliance of its brilliant brass, the cavalry fanfare remains a highly sought-after formation both in France and abroad
Thanks to the HERITAGE DAYS event organized in France, one can easily discover the
exceptional know-how of all craftsmen involved in the operation and prestige of this unit

Republican guard craftsmen heritage
Republican guard craftsmen heritage

Their musical performance are well known to Parisians who applaud at major ceremonies
of state including presidential and state foreign sovereigns escorts.

And these  are craftsmen who utilize and preserve from generation to generation  unique and ancestral techniques: saddler, casquier, swords feller, blacksmith, as explains  Commandant Lamarre with passion.
It is remarkable to know they are twenty metal workers and the last in the world, to forge
their iron integrally, by  ancient technique with three hammers, "the French" thus offering
horses irons "on -measure"
The Republican Guard is very popular scoring great success,with a very present public.
It is advisable to reserve in advance, individually or in small groups, via CULTIVAL
(from 12,50 € / Adult and: 9,50 € / Child (under 18)

Republican Guard concerts
Republican Guard concerts

To explore this particular and prestigious world, and for music lovers, do not miss
the Musical Evening, once or twice a month, by reservation  read more on Facebook,
and all the news of the Guard:

The Republican Guard is also present outside its walls, at many festive events including :
· Paris Eiffel JUMPING
· World Cup Jumping Event Finals
· Event at the HOTEL DE VILLE
Republican guard horses Boulevard Henri IV
Republican guard horses Boulevard Henri IV

Because of its prestige, it has special affiliations with the  best brands that symbolize French
excellence, such as J.M. Weston (official supplier of boots for riders), Hermès (which
organized a fashion presentation in the carousel, currently under renovation) etc ...
The horses in this elite unit are carefully selected, with the requirement to make 1M65 at the
withers at the age of three or four years (as evidenced by the online purchase campaign on
the site of the GR)
The Republican Guard is “trendy”: it has been rewarded with a "Q" of gold, in the show
Quotidienne by the french TV journalist Yann BARTHES, for his talent including July 14
his interpretation of a medley DAFT PUNK

The Garde Républicaine, a bridge between old times and a bubbling present, is modernizing
vibrating with its time by maintaining and fastening an image of excellence and its
extraordinary position which has recently become a trademark. What's more natural for an
entity which performs on multiple platfoms and symbolizes so well the cultural roots and
the French tradition

PHOTO Credit: David Mendiboure

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