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MARIANNE EVENNOU : A STAR IS BORN ! by Nathalie Molho, real estate expert in Paris France


Designer of a specific lifestyle in interior decoration: this magician who likes houses so much and reveals them so well, gave us an exclusive Interview!
A star who illuminates what is most precious to us: our home, our refuge!
Discover another article in the french magazine of this month ( Dec/JAN 2018 Vivre COTE PARIS N°54)

 "HOMES MADE TO LIVE AND CREATE" she uses to say!

Before and After Works Studio Place Sainte Catherine 75004

 Blessed with extraordinary insights to capture trends, Marianne puts her gifts into her work 
creating with inventiveness in order to guess even before her customers what spirit  they want
 for they new home. Sometimes just by entering a house she will be force of proposals of
 innovative and smart developments, optimizing each cm²  in particular: the "mini apartment"
 section on her website , rationalizing to the extreme in order to 
combine comfort and fantasy, simplicity and refinement, but always in her own aesthetic 
Marianne, tell us how your aesthetic was born , and  how  you  developed your own style as a decorator?
I just started by creating my own homes that are both workplaces and living places.
Everything went very naturally. My friends asked me to design their interiors, articles and
 requests followed

a cosy and design studio congrat MARIANNE EVENNOU !
A charming and cosy studio made with contemporary design 
Did you hesitated between ARCHITECTURE and DECORATION?
To tell the truth, I do not feel as an architect or a decorator. I simply create interiors. 
A bit like a designer who imagines a garment for a client and a friend, a second skin that
 offers both inner protection and a carapace to face the outside world. Hence the importance of an harmonious and inspiring relationship.
the solftness of colors :  Marianne' signature  

How do find inspiration or how do you think about works you are in charge of ?

 I always think first about the apartment‘s structure, the plan. It's a bit like the skeleton of the
house. It does not show but it's decisive. Living inside must be as fluid and comfortable as
possible. I need to adapt to the lifestyle of its inhabitants.
And then I figure out the space, first with colors, then with a few books and paintings...

Tell us about your color approach, always particularly subtle

I like playing with colors because they bring life and character to places. Nothing could be
 more impersonal than a white space. Color is a risk-taking but so much more stimulating. 
I particularly like the dull colors that give depth and gravity while being elegant. But this step
 is always approached with gentleness. The relationship to color is very physical. I often
 associate it with taste. Some people like salty, others  like sweet. 
The same is true for color. Some think in bright colors, others think in more nuanced colors.
Color is above all an emotion. 
I always try to be in a personal register but adapt to the sensitivity of the person.

Before and after the renovation : the kitchen becomes a masterpiece !
Aperfect optimization : MARIANNE EVENNOU SIGNATURE
A perfect optimization Marianne's signature 
How do you renew your inspiration? by exhibitions such as MAISON & OBJETS ? By
 travels, flea market visits?

I try as far as possible to distance myself from the words "trend" or "fashion" even if I am
 sensitive to my time and its influences, my trajectory is  much more timeless, personal and mixed. My sources of inspiration are more easily found in a painting, a reading, an
 encounter or a journey than in shops or lounges. I am a great dreamer who above all loves 
to be fed with emotions and an imaginary world.

You like to personally go antiquing, and mix the objects coming from flea market or
 vintage, it is not necessary -you are used to say- , to find a piece of furniture matching exactly to the size of its location, is it  this supplement of freedom that is important?

Yes, that's right. No recipe, no stereotyped  ideas  but just the desire for a mix of furniture and objects that are collected without a priori. I do not want to create sets but places where you
 feel happy to live and as open minded  as possible.

Your site appears as a catalog of encounters: a structural harmony between a place
 and an encounter: between those who are destined to settle in these places and you ... how do you manage to  conceive  more personalization, more inspiration, in order to make these houses, these apartments, these places always more unique?

Yes, every construction site is first and foremost a human adventure. And I always leave a
 little bit of myself in every project. I try to personalize the adventure as much as allowed by
  time and material constraints . Each project has its Instagram and allows the client to
 participate as closely as possible to the adventure. And we often end with a little book that 
tells the story of the site. I think of  these adventures as of novels that are written.

Mezzanine under the roof : brillant optimisation ! 

A journalist called you a " living spaces designer" this is a very nice compliment!

Yes, it was a magnificent compliment that went straight to my heart.
What is- for you -  the most important before buying a home?
It is in a very pragmatic way all that one can not change and with which one will have to 
arrange: the location, the light, the noise, the quality of the building. And then in a much less pragmatic way, that mysterious "I do not know what" that makes you feel good in a place or
 not. It is sometimes a story of irrational vibration as in any encounter but what makes the salt of life.

Do you live in PARIS and what is your favorite neighborhood?

I split mylife between Senlis and my offices in the Rue Sedaine near Bastille ( 11th district ) 
The slow time of my countryside home surroudings on the one hand and the other a
 stimulating,and on the other hand  a stimulating, young and creative neighbourhood! I do
 not really have a favorite district  but I am naturally attracted by those new trendy areas
 where onecan  feel a wind of freedom and creativity such as the 9th and 10th !

What would you say to our visitors  (in order to provoke a future meeting perhaps and a new adventure)

I am not very good at provoking encounters. I just think that some of them must be done 
naturally, by mutual attraction, and that we must always be demanding and selective in these choices.

To find your sweet home Marianne will decorate : contact me + (33) 6 60 69 77 67
her blog :
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