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Gigaro peninsula South of France
GIGARO Peninsula in South of France

If we had an higher budget for our holidays, how would we use it ? This simple question,
many of us (an overwhelming  majority) do not ask, and yet !
With an higher budget, many opportunities exist : to go farther, perhaps longer, and in any
case to discover more new horizons, and in a more original way or more , to combine the
organization of the holidays like Isabelle and Laurent , who explain that they have offered
additional circuits or additional vacation time.
How ? By practicing home SWAP
The charm of south gardens
The charm of south gardens

And all the subtlety is there: because as Parisians, for example, they have "swaped" their 
Parisian apartment with homes sometimes with pool, in any case very comfortable, well 
located in cities where they might never be gone, and that they have discovered simply via 
the offer of certain swap platforms, far (sometimes) beaten tracks or in any case more
 conventional "tours", commonly organized, or advised
The exchange of "home" can be done through different formulas of which  ELLE magazine
has recently echoed
About 40,000 French people exchange their homes each year, but this new way of travel requires a little anticipation, such as discovering those with whom you will be exchanging, finding a family member or a neighbor who will be attentive to any questions or practical problems, protect valuable property, write a contract and take specific insurance, and write a guide for future users
Saving money, Authenticity, Security and Freedom, are the advantages of housing exchange according to INTERVAC pioneer in France since 1953
Place DAUPHINE Paris France
Place Dauphine Paris France

But  innovations also appear in the field of home exchange, such as the "design" houses swaps with the specialized site behomm, (only for creative and design lovers) created by a couple of Spanish designers, their site counts already more than 3000 members, the most; it is accessed by co-optation or after being selected by the founders of the site, after filling in the details of his home
Do not miss reading their blog indicating the best tips for successful exchange:
Beside this newcomer already exist the best known: guest to guest, with more than 380,000 homes in 187 countries, founded in 2011 by two French, without any subscription fee, totally free

Rue Aubriot mansion frontage Paris IV
Rue AUBRIOT Mansion frontage Paris 

House swap, Anglo Saxon in origin, is also a pioneer, offering different services with options ranging from 130 to 430 €

finally the very chic love home swap, with more than 100,000 offers and 160 countries exists only for 6 years and offers a system of "swap points" to exchange without necessarily dates coincide

Swap Points

An attractive system with high potential that is seducing more and more followers; new links in an economy based on openness to others and willing to shared different values!

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