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How to grow your garden in Paris? By Nathalie Molho, real estate expert, Paris France

Rose under the rain
Rose under the rain 

As bizarre as this question may seem, it turns out that multiple possibilities exist for garden enthusiasts (or vegetable garden), with a little frenzy at the moment on this type of plantations, especially if we judge by the number of companies offering such activities as: BNP and its corporate gardens (CORPORATE GARDENS), intended to improve the well-being of its employees, especially those who can enjoy the few meters of nature at heart old mills of Pantin,( near PARIS) and who then share a homemade tapenade

Perched on the rooftops of BHV Marais, the farm organized by "Sous les fraises Paris", with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower covers more than 1 400 m² of agricultural area. More
than 22,000 plants grow in vertical permaculture: edible flowers, strawberries, raspberries,
kiwi, thyme, rosemary, mint, hops ... the terrace is thus the largest vertical kitchen garden on a roof in Europe. An interesting way to revive with grace the past market vegetable garden settled in le Marais, too long forgotten.Under Strawberries® is a pioneering company for organic production of edible plants in urban areas.
Serving gastronomy, they produce - I quote: closer to the places of consumption to ensure
freshness, nutritional value and taste intact. Serving people and the environment, they
participate in the greening of cities and the recreation of a rich and productive environment
 According to Yohan Hubert co-founder with Laure-Line Jacquier of "Under strawberries" I
quote "In ten years, 20% of Parisian roofs will be covered with urban plantations.
And in twenty years, this proportion will increase to 60 or 70%. Many private actors are
positioning themselves on these topics »

Also in NY, this kind of phenomenon explodes with for example the BROOKLYN GRANGE ROOFTOP FARMS, which builds "green" spaces and supports a responsible, local and ecological way of life through food, education and clean events. They believe that social enterprise is a powerful driver for positive change, and that businesses can interact with their community.Brooklyn Grange farms rooftops, builds green spaces, and promotes sustainable living and local ecology through food, education, and events. We believe that social enterprise is a powerful driver of positive change, and that businesses should be a nourishing part of their community. 

Farm-to-table takes on a whole new meaning when you’re being served plates composed of vegetables growing mere feet from where you sit. With herb-scented breezes and a breathtaking view of the City, the Grange’s private rooftop venue provides a unique and memorable setting for an al fresco brunch, lunch or dinner. Prepared by top NYC chefs, the feasts served at their farms are always  - I quote -fresh, flavorful and unforgettable.

In Chicago this trend also exists: it is the food autonomy in the city that is looming, through
this new mantra: "URBAN AGRICULTURE"

A new lifestyle is emerging for those city-lovers who love nature and who want to bring the
countryside to their city and their lives!

For the lucky ones who can garden their own green spaces, there are COACHES in
GARDENING, like MY COACH JARDIN.com, which will teach you the basics of gardening by moving about at your place, and will allow you to choose the most suitable formula for your needs

Faced with this craze, the City of Paris offers everyone the opportunity to give free rein to his passion by visiting the GARDENS SHARED

example below for the 4th arrondissement :

  • Clos des Blancs-Manteaux Garden / 4th (MV) 21 rue des Blancs-Manteaux Association "Gardeners of the 4th"
• Shared garden Rosiers Joseph-Migneret / 4th (MV) Garden of Rosiers Joseph-Migneret, 10 rue des Rosiers & 35-37 rue des Francs-Bourgeois Association "The Gardeners of the 4th"  

 Important retailers are surfing this "green" market as NATURE AND DISCOVERY French leader in the green field, that offers all the tools necessary for the exercise of this hobby but also activities at the gates of PARIS, such as an experience that will allow you to discover an unsuspected nature hidden in the capital, like wild plants over the small belt of the 15th arrondissement, I quote.

Nettle, yarrow, purple viperine and many other plants will be revealed through touch, smell and even taste. Botanical notions delivered by Edwige, a trained landscape gardener, will complete this fun walk, delighted to share his passions and his knowledge, mixing both History and Garden Art as a cultural and sensory discovery to go back in time.

The 'Shazam' of Plants
Finally, since digital technology is a new model concerning all fields of our lives, a new
application for all plant enthusiasts, will allow you to identify each plants : PLANTSNAP
This new american app helps users easily identify plants, flowers and trees.
All you have to do is take a photo of the plant and within seconds PlantSnap will identify what you’re looking at.

 For those who have neither the time nor the desire to move, MON PETIT COIN VERT(my small green corner ) innovates by adapting the concept of BOX delivered at home allowing everyone to create a small vegetable garden at home

"My Little Green Corner is a complete box to launch your first vegetable garden. You'll find
organic and reproducible seeds, organic potting soil, biodegradable buckets, geotextile pots
and a growing guide. "

Another innovation this time from San Francisco, (read in: 100 innovations that will change
your life, DUNOD Editions) the association "GUERILLA GRAFTERS" has given itself as of
2010 the mission of transforming municipal trees into fruit distributors!
By transforming public trees into productive fruit trees, these committed and 100% volunteer
city dwellers will transform the public space into a more convivial place dedicated to sharing
pleasure with beauty.
Armed with pincers and twines practicing the art of grafting: they add fruit branches to
municipal trees, turning them into productive fruit trees, to spread the movement they deliver
all the secrets of a successful transplant on their web page

Cueillette urbaine ( urban picking)  aims to use the top of the buildings of the big cities and to raise its inhabitants there who will be able to pick their fruits and vegetables themselves.
Most of the Parisian roofs are not used, which represents a usable area of ​​460 ha. The use
of greenhouses installed on the roofs of the buildings will allow a production of vegetables all the year and will ensure the profitability of the project

Picking Urban will provide Parisians a green setting where they will be able to pick their fruits and vegetables while spending a relaxing moment.
Picking Urban is a mission which through ecological stake, by the greening of the urban
environment, by the suppression of the transport of the products, by a pesticide-free crop,
is more respectful of the environment and the earth.
Urban picking is also a return to values ​​such as taste. Fruits and vegetables are no longer
selected according to a criterion of resistance to transport but above all for their nutritional
and taste qualities.
Urban picking is also positioned in the creation of social link. More than a simple urban farm
or catering, Picking Urban participates in the life of your company, community, your
neighborhood through awareness workshops, discovery, simple pleasure, meeting and

Resulting from a continuous collaborative research between agronomists, chefs, architects, urban planners and city dwellers, it implements biotechnologies adapted to the built environment, engaged in the management of water, waste and food for the cities.

At your tools, let’s the party begin !

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