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HOME AUTOMATION AND INNOVATION : real estate prospective vision of the smart home by nathalie molho, PARIS

The connected home - through home automation - makes its revolution and opens up infinite possibilities in the management of your daily life.
Secure home a top priority for smart home addicts
Secure home a top priority for smart home addicts

Through various aspects such as the remote control and control of the state of your water or 
electricity consumption, or the closing of the garage door, or shutters, the triggering of heating or any other
appliance at a distance, but also for security issues, among other innovations, to discover below!You will pilot, control, manage, program as Somfy ‘s company predicts 
New technologies offer more and more precise devices to manage heating time slots for example, depending on the occupancy of the house or manage the extinction of lights or automate watering ...

A comfort of life
The home automation system is responsible for executing the orders related to the predetermined scenarios by the user. The switches become "smart" and change functions according to your will. With display, they inform about the opening of a window, about temperature, or about a presence detection ... The home automation avoids us to go around the owner every time we go out to check that the lights are off. , that the gas is well cut or that the windows are well closed.
Energy savings with smart program
Enery saving with electic programs

Energy saving and environmental aspects
For some time now, the system of some household appliances allows great energy savings through programming off-peak hours, including heating triggered in some rooms only when they are visited etc ...
WHIRLPOOL has launched a set “ connectivity” which is offering  a full range of 4 devices connected, controllable and interconnectable via mobile devices IOS and Android, thanks to the dedicated application 6th SENS LIVE
The Whirlpool washer-dryer, for example, is controllable by voice via Amazon's Alexa Assistant
© Whirlpool
Whirlpool innovation
WHIRLPOOL Innovations

In terms of energy savings, the Domotic allows, for example, to obtain in each room the exact heat degree desired, which can reduce the electricity bill by 30 to 70%, notably by using light detectors. .
Smart lamps

The smart window that filters sounds
Another innovation: Sono to install on a window makes it possible to filter the sounds coming from the outside. We can thus block the sounds of the horns and let in only the birds singing ...

An innovation to discover in video, the house oriented towards the sun

LEROY MERLIN, undisputed leader in France in the DIY and decoration market, has developed a new solution for a connected house: ENKI, allowing to control various objects, including all appliances, through a single mobile application, free and interoperable. The ENKI solution is one of the best examples of LEROY MERLIN innovation ability

ENKI launched by LEROY MERLIN 

Securing the habitat
Active alarm from smart phone: connected security is booming
With lighting, the connected security market is the fastest growing market
Home automation makes it possible to secure its habitat, inside and outside
 the Aura * presence detector that uses ambient Wi-Fi waves propagated by Internet boxes instead of a camera or infrared sensors. The device comes in the form of a box to plug into an AC outlet that measures disturbances of the Wi-Fi wave field when people, animals are moving or when a fan is running. Depending on the event, the system sends a notification on smartphone and can also control other home automation devices (lighting, camera ...). It can also be controlled by voice via the Google
Assistant or Alexa. The usage scenarios mentioned are quite varied: detection of intrusion, surveillance of an elderly person, a teenager, comings and goings of a pet ...
Aura promises thanks to new technologies, I quote "... remote control switches, doors, bells, cameras, windows, stories and other devices by the same system, home automation to adjust alarms, locks, and secure premises, this management can be done via smartphone, tablet or voice-guided keyboard "

Simulation of presence
Presence simulation
Presence simulation

Some systems to turn on the indoor lights to simulate a presence, trigger an alarm, notify the owner or a security company contacted by a phone number or SMS. These actions are programmed and started from a phone or computer over the Internet!
Finally, the installation can be coupled with a video surveillance that warns in case of intrusion into the house, (for example: the presence detector Aura) records and stores the digital images. A very simple system. As long as you benefit from ADSL and connect its cameras. The interest: to be able to visualize one's house from anywhere in the world. Because home automation also makes it possible t manage the home from a distance.
The company Somfy, which promises a "Zen and connected" home  launches the Outdoor Camera, so  sensitive that it knows to distinguish a human from an animal or a car. When an unknown person approaches, the loudspeaker warns him that he is in the line of sight of the camera before triggering  the alarm after a configurable delay. The members of the household are recognized, either by the geolocation of their smartphone, or by a badge that can activate or cut the system. The camera will be marketed next summer, its price has not been released.

Disadvantages of Home Automation
Home automation is not very accessible.
As the price of equipment remains quite high. Domotics is therefore rather considered as a luxury.
These ingenious equipments are very expensive. The French still seem reluctant to install these home automation techniques that, in an ordinary house, cost about 14,000 to 23,000 euros, against 9,000 to 15,000 euros for a conventional electrical installation.
Moreover, in an environment where the consumer is sometimes anxious to have to memorize all the instructions for use of the many technological tools that surround him, Domotics appears as an addition al complication, despite It aims the opposite.
There is also the problem of the lifetime: a house lasts 50 or 100 years, a boiler 20 years. For an electronic system it is much less; This is a significant drag if we add to that the difficulties of after-sales service.

Smart lighting: Always smarter lighting
Lighting is undoubtedly one of the areas where home automation has demonstrated real utility, with connected light bulbs simple to implement and relatively affordable. The innovations are plethoric at CES 2018, but we chose to retain three.
Let's start with Nanoleaf Light Panels, small triangular or square wall-mounted luminous slabs that can be combined (up to 1,000 pieces) to cover a large area. Voice controllable (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant) or touch, they can change color, intensity and synchronize with the music.
As explained in the Blog of the DOMOTICS, Philips is leader in this segment:
The Philips lighting division, recently renamed Signify by Philips Lighting, will present these
innovations at this year's IFA show in Berlin from August 31st to September 5th.
Connected lamps designed for the home and that can be customized to make "the game and the music really immersive", up to a new range of Philips Hue Adore bathrooms, which includes seven white ambient lighting; all pre-set with four light recipes, called Energize, Concentrate, Relax and Read, to personalize your bathroom in one click.

Advantage vs risks
Indeed, as connected devices are using the Wi-Fi network and Internet, if your system has weaknesses
in security, an experienced person can take control and use your personal data (address, date of birth ...).
Hackers do not necessarily care about your privacy ... But it's better to be vigilant!
Today more than 15 million homes in the world are equipped with Domotics, for a new lifestyle, as the
the XX1st Century image is itself: connected!

To find your future home to equip (😉) do not hesitate to contact us:+(33)6 60 69 77 67

Marais pictures mood board by nathalie molho
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