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Festive walk in the gastronomic Marais by Nathalie Molho, expert in real estate Paris France

Historic and diverse, the Marais district is also a den for gourmands ! At the turn of the charming  Sévigné street (No.28), we can discover a young label specialized in honey: MIEL FACTORY, the ultimate honey made in France
Rémi Porthault founder of these mono-floral honeys label, which come from a single variety of flower has become the reference address for honeys sourced around the world
28 rue de Sévigné
His adventures created opportunities to discover a multitude of different types of honey and the craftsmanship of local apiculturists. 
In France, he traversed the countryside. Abroad, he sought the rarest of honeys made from Madagascar’s jujube, Vietnam’s coffee bushes, Mexico’s avocados, South Africa’s Karoo, Thailand’s litchis and the forests of Cameroun. 
The Honey Factory shop opened its doors in 2016, right in the heart of Paris.
The heritage of honey on our planet is exceptional. It is difficult to fully count all the varieties. There is intense passion for those who select and create honey that is unique, of impeccable quality, and harvested in France or around the world.
Miel Factory Xmas presents
Miel Factory Xmas presents
they guarantee their honey’s quality; each is thoroughly analysed in a specialized laboratory to validate the following:
·         Zero alteration of the honey from artificial sugars
·         Zero trace of antibiotics or other medicines intended for the bees
·         Zero pesticides in the honey
·         Humidity less than or equal to 20% in order to optimize the honey’s conservation
·         Alignment between the honey’s variety and the pollen composition.
You will also find fair trade products made from honey: candle, honey mustards, nougats, sweets, gingerbread, pollen (filled with proteins), propolis (a chewing gum with antiseptic virtues) and royal jelly.
An amazing combination of health and delicacy, and for those who prefer it: you can order on-line!.

A few steps away, Rue Pavée (N ° 4), the POP UP STORE CRABTREE & EVELYN, of LONDON, has settled next to famous CARAVANE multi labelled decoration store, offering its fans products to consume in addition to their cosmetics::tea, jams, and ShortBread which  will delight your FIVE O'clock (instagram @ crabtreeandevelyn)
Strawberry preserve 
In this new zone of taste temptations, (near the exit of the ST PAUL metro station) the ECLAIR DE GENIE transports us in the contemporary art and the Arty sets of traditional eclairs revisited (and unrecognizable) the decor of the shop gives us the feel like diving into a modern art gallery, their unique products will make adorable little Christmas presents


At the end of Francs Bourgeois str, on your Left do not miss one of the two POPELLINI of the
 Marais,on Turenne street  (the second one being  DEBELLEYME str near Bretagne str) new
 favorite dessert of the fashionistas: delicious cream puff  available in different irresistible 
flavors:we eat one and we are satiated and happy!
Popeilini cream puff  

In the gourmet Marais, let's not forget the "cheese producer" of the stars: BEILLEVAIRE, rue ST ANTOINE (N ° 77): who welcomes you and advises you, also conditions your purchases in a perfect way if you bring them back to the end of the world: they have a selection of goats to fall, and an incredible quince paste: irresistible combination !

Beillevaire CHEESE selection
Beillevaire selection

Finally soon the holidays, and Christmas meal at Christmas rhyming often with foie gras! go absolutely to the DUCS DE GASCOGNE, present since 1953 rue ST ANTOINE (No. 111), which presents a very complete selection of different livers, the salesman will explain everything about foie gras: cooked, half cooked, quantity per person (70 gram per person) , their accompaniment (fig preserve, onion preserve etc ) and the wine / foie gras accords ( Jurançon, Sauternes, Montbasillac white wines)

Ducs de Gascogne FOIES GRAS  for your festive menu
Ducs de Gascogne  for your festive menu

To provide the best wines for your delicious dishes , make a visit to "Les Caprices de l'Instant" wine shop at 
 rue Jacques Coeur (N ° 12) where there are  organized tastings such as a recent one (Thursday, November 30) for champagne LACOURTE GODBILLON @ champagne.lacourte .godbillon) 
This wine merchant received the "Trophée du Meilleur Caviste de Paris", awarded by the gastronomic guide Gault & Millau France. In addition, their cellar is one of the "Coups de Cœur" of the Revue du Vin de France, a reference magazine for wine lovers.(@ caprices1988)
Their  advice bringing added value, they will take the time to listen, guide and advise you, organizing regular tastings as for the Puligny-Montrachet cuvée Chassagne-Montrachet, Bastard-Montrachet sublime and rare Montrachet 2015 ... rich and generous juices enobled by unparalleled minerality, classy wines where the Chassagne pinot noir expresses all the purity of this french terroir.

Finally, if cooking really is your passion, it is possible to take classes in the Marais: rue des tournelles in a festive area where, in addition to exercising your skills, you can then share the food  with your friends around a large scale. festive and convivial "home-made" table Whether it is to prepare or taste on the spot, to perfect your knowledge in cooking or to improve your technique, you will come out happy from these unique moments of sharing with a great chef
Open to groups and companies, there are different tailor-made packages from 6 to 60 people

Don't  forget the mythic address for all kind of Teas : DAMMANN FRERES Place des Vosges
Art of the Teas Dammann Place des Vosges
Art of the Teas Dammann Place des Vosges

For a festive and 3 stars evening, l'Ambroisie restaurant Place des Vosges is the best place
To end this enchanted walk, do not resist the pleasure of a visit to LENOTRE, who always offers entremets whose magnificence perfectly matches the subtle flavors chosen by his pastry chef: Guy KRENZER, double Best Worker of France, admits he finds  his  motivation in the pleasure of learning, sharing and transmitting, universal values ​​that correspond to those we would like to share with you, dear readers, for 2018!

The dream of Christmas : for adults too  !
The dream of Christmas : for adults too  !

SEARCH MY HOME IN PARIS blog wishes you happy holidays!
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PARISIAN REAL ESTATE Evolution and perspective of the market by Nathalie Molho, real estate expert in Paris France

Evolution and perspective of the market 

According to the figures of notaries council, there is a high activity and prices are still rising in PARIS and Ile de France
This increase in sales is also due to historically low interest rate

The low rates * loan motivate also the aspirants to property, we notice a real craze for real estate investing of the French with two years: 2016 and 2017 showing very positive results
* 15 years loan :  1.15 / 20 years loan : 1.35 / 25 years loan : 1.55 / 30 years loan : 1.95
According to a recent survey, the Y Generation is willing to own property: among young tenants: 69% want to become landlord in the next 5 years

The price of old housing has risen to an average of 3.8% (Average price in Ile de France 5460 € per m²) in Ile-de-France, the number of sales of old housing in Q2 2017 has increased by 20 % compared to the same period in 2016
Paris is experiencing faster price increases
In the capital, the price per square meter was 8 430 € in February 2017 with an average increase of 5.2% over one year, in the second quarter, of 8 670 € which will approach 8 900 € at the end of the year
For 25 years, the prices of Paris have not stopped becoming homogenized (only 3 districts cost less than 8 000 € per square meter: 18, 19 and 20 districts against 6 a year ago)
The former affordable neighborhoods of the capital get valued more and more rapidly
As for the Marais district, the prices are in constant progression, exceeding the average price of 11 000€ / square meter:

Paris 3rd: 11 030€ + 5.3% with an evolution of 14% over one year in the sector Enfants Rouges)
PARIS 4t: € 11,520€ + 2.9% with an increase of 10% over one year in specific sub districts: Arsenal and Ile St Louis

No deceleration is expected because the effect of tight stocks prevails on this very desirable district of the City of Light

In luxury real estate, Paris remains very attractive compared to other cities in the world: with an average price per square meter between 12,000 and 18,000 euros, Paris ranks 8th, behind San Francisco, Singapore, Shanghai and New York. Hong Kong reaches the top (not far from 40,000 euros per m² on average), followed by Tokyo (about 30,000 euros per square meter) and London (about 15,000 euros per m2), as the site Les Echos reminds us.
This study underlines that the prices recorded in the 1st, 4th and 5th arrondissements have already exceeded their 2012 peak.

Buyers' confidence is also boosted by a new political regime (President Emmanuel Macron was elected in May 2017) and increased consumer confidence.
But also with the return of international buyers: 1 in 10 in the luxury segment with nationalities mainly American, Swiss, Belgian and European

How to explain this improvement? the exceptionally low interest rates and the tense real estate market, but also the financial markets on the rise, with growth underpinned by the improvement in the global economy stronger than expected, with an acceleration of the US economy and growth of the euro zone to more than 2%
Perspective: stabilization of the market no bubble burst expected since the evolution has been smooth
The chamber of notaries indicates in particular that the current situation is not a "bubble" transient, but a catch-up effect after several years of wait-and-see attitude among buyers.
 This exceptional activity could be confirmed, with the future Olympics Games in 2024 …
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THE MARAIS DISTRICT : the NEW FASHION WORLD CENTER by Nathalie Molho, real estate expert in Paris France


Recognised as one of the major cities of FASHION as forward as LONDON, MILAN, and NEW YORK, the city of light reveals itself as a new cosmopolitan fashion center with the emergence of a new fashion district in LE MARAIS
Boutique CHANEL rue Vieille du Temple Paris IV

Boutique CHANEL rue Vieille du Temple PARIS iv

One of the oldest historic districts of the capital, made up of several small neighborhoods (HAUT MARAIS: rue de Bretagne and its surrounding streets, Ile Saint Louis, Rue des Francs Bourgeois, Rue des ROSIERS, rue de TURENNE, Place des VOSGES etc ...) , the Marais is becoming the new district of luxury brands and fashion with the opening  of several flagship stores like CHANEL,  which has just opened simultaneously a shop dedicated to perfumes on rue des Francs Bourgeois, and a shop of ready to wear on rue Vieille du Temple, or Fendi, Givenchy, (LVMH group), Vuitton, Valentino, Moncler, for Men and Galliano, rue des Archives.
L'ECLAIREUR rue de Sévigné Paris IV

Moreover , multi-label stores that are leaders in the market of young designers , such as l’Eclaireur, since 2009 at rue de Sévigné or Abu d'ABI Bazaar since 1996 at rue Vieille du Temple,  have been established in this sector, real precursors who understood the high potential of development that represents the Marais, now declared ZTI (international tourist zone).  These stores are now open on Sundays!
L'Eclaireur entrance rue de Sévigné PARIS IV

But this neighborhood does not only function as a window; it is also the neighborhood where artists, actors or creators have chosen to live!

This has become a district of contrasts with a strong mix of culture and a cozy neighborhood feel at the same time, where families have put down roots, with many schools, gardens, and playgrounds, its former Jewish quarter and its arteries lined with terraces and bars, and its historically "GAY" district as street Archives.

Second hand clothes stores or VINTAGE shops line the narrow streets of the Marais, as well as exclusive shops like this Japanese Kimono shop imported directly from Japan, just around the corner from Place Sainte Catherine: WAF

At PRETTY BOX, rue de SAINTONGE, one of the best addresses for VINTAGE collections, you will be welcomed on appointment as a star and the team, which has a  strong fashion sense, will be very attentive.

Young designers, in the purest "tailoring" tradition, will receive you in their workshops  and showrooms like the Brazilian GUSTAVO LINS, rue  BARBETTE, (instagram: ateliergustavolins) as Azzedine ALAIA has done for decades at the rue de la VERRERIE.
Maison JACQUEMUS shows his collection in PICASSO MUSEUM
ISABEL MARANT has been located on RUE DE SAINTONGE in the heart of the Haut Marais since 2007
The designer boutiques open one after the other, and the bi-annual fashion week showcases the influence of fashion in this district, intertwining museums, culture, and the influence of art with galleries surrounding the Place des Vosges and TURENNE street. Many lofts, pop-up stores or multi-disciplinary hangar locations are rented for shows, exhibition space, sales, or craft fairs such as Nikki Diana MARQUART on rue de Turenne, for example.

Advertising agencies and fashion photographers know the Marais is an ideal setting for photoshoots, better than studios !
Photo shooting with a model wearing HAUTE COUTURE Place SAINTE CATHERINE

The European House of Photography ( Maison Européenne de la Photographie )at the heart of this creative bubble (rue de FOURCY Métro ST Paul) highlights the remarkable work of Bettina REIMS photography in an  exhibition about femininity in 2016 ....

The Marais continues to evolve in unexpected directions, disrupting its multiple identities, toward  a projection of an aesthetic world  reflecting the inspiring and multiple creators who define it!

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MARIANNE EVENNOU : A STAR IS BORN ! by Nathalie Molho, real estate expert in Paris France


Designer of a specific lifestyle in interior decoration: this magician who likes houses so much and reveals them so well, gave us an exclusive Interview!
A star who illuminates what is most precious to us: our home, our refuge!
Discover another article in the french magazine of this month ( Dec/JAN 2018 Vivre COTE PARIS N°54)

 "HOMES MADE TO LIVE AND CREATE" she uses to say!

Before and After Works Studio Place Sainte Catherine 75004

 Blessed with extraordinary insights to capture trends, Marianne puts her gifts into her work 
creating with inventiveness in order to guess even before her customers what spirit  they want
 for they new home. Sometimes just by entering a house she will be force of proposals of
 innovative and smart developments, optimizing each cm²  in particular: the "mini apartment"
 section on her website , rationalizing to the extreme in order to 
combine comfort and fantasy, simplicity and refinement, but always in her own aesthetic 
Marianne, tell us how your aesthetic was born , and  how  you  developed your own style as a decorator?
I just started by creating my own homes that are both workplaces and living places.
Everything went very naturally. My friends asked me to design their interiors, articles and
 requests followed

a cosy and design studio congrat MARIANNE EVENNOU !
A charming and cosy studio made with contemporary design 
Did you hesitated between ARCHITECTURE and DECORATION?
To tell the truth, I do not feel as an architect or a decorator. I simply create interiors. 
A bit like a designer who imagines a garment for a client and a friend, a second skin that
 offers both inner protection and a carapace to face the outside world. Hence the importance of an harmonious and inspiring relationship.
the solftness of colors :  Marianne' signature  

How do find inspiration or how do you think about works you are in charge of ?

 I always think first about the apartment‘s structure, the plan. It's a bit like the skeleton of the
house. It does not show but it's decisive. Living inside must be as fluid and comfortable as
possible. I need to adapt to the lifestyle of its inhabitants.
And then I figure out the space, first with colors, then with a few books and paintings...

Tell us about your color approach, always particularly subtle

I like playing with colors because they bring life and character to places. Nothing could be
 more impersonal than a white space. Color is a risk-taking but so much more stimulating. 
I particularly like the dull colors that give depth and gravity while being elegant. But this step
 is always approached with gentleness. The relationship to color is very physical. I often
 associate it with taste. Some people like salty, others  like sweet. 
The same is true for color. Some think in bright colors, others think in more nuanced colors.
Color is above all an emotion. 
I always try to be in a personal register but adapt to the sensitivity of the person.

Before and after the renovation : the kitchen becomes a masterpiece !
Aperfect optimization : MARIANNE EVENNOU SIGNATURE
A perfect optimization Marianne's signature 
How do you renew your inspiration? by exhibitions such as MAISON & OBJETS ? By
 travels, flea market visits?

I try as far as possible to distance myself from the words "trend" or "fashion" even if I am
 sensitive to my time and its influences, my trajectory is  much more timeless, personal and mixed. My sources of inspiration are more easily found in a painting, a reading, an
 encounter or a journey than in shops or lounges. I am a great dreamer who above all loves 
to be fed with emotions and an imaginary world.

You like to personally go antiquing, and mix the objects coming from flea market or
 vintage, it is not necessary -you are used to say- , to find a piece of furniture matching exactly to the size of its location, is it  this supplement of freedom that is important?

Yes, that's right. No recipe, no stereotyped  ideas  but just the desire for a mix of furniture and objects that are collected without a priori. I do not want to create sets but places where you
 feel happy to live and as open minded  as possible.

Your site appears as a catalog of encounters: a structural harmony between a place
 and an encounter: between those who are destined to settle in these places and you ... how do you manage to  conceive  more personalization, more inspiration, in order to make these houses, these apartments, these places always more unique?

Yes, every construction site is first and foremost a human adventure. And I always leave a
 little bit of myself in every project. I try to personalize the adventure as much as allowed by
  time and material constraints . Each project has its Instagram and allows the client to
 participate as closely as possible to the adventure. And we often end with a little book that 
tells the story of the site. I think of  these adventures as of novels that are written.

Mezzanine under the roof : brillant optimisation ! 

A journalist called you a " living spaces designer" this is a very nice compliment!

Yes, it was a magnificent compliment that went straight to my heart.
What is- for you -  the most important before buying a home?
It is in a very pragmatic way all that one can not change and with which one will have to 
arrange: the location, the light, the noise, the quality of the building. And then in a much less pragmatic way, that mysterious "I do not know what" that makes you feel good in a place or
 not. It is sometimes a story of irrational vibration as in any encounter but what makes the salt of life.

Do you live in PARIS and what is your favorite neighborhood?

I split mylife between Senlis and my offices in the Rue Sedaine near Bastille ( 11th district ) 
The slow time of my countryside home surroudings on the one hand and the other a
 stimulating,and on the other hand  a stimulating, young and creative neighbourhood! I do
 not really have a favorite district  but I am naturally attracted by those new trendy areas
 where onecan  feel a wind of freedom and creativity such as the 9th and 10th !

What would you say to our visitors  (in order to provoke a future meeting perhaps and a new adventure)

I am not very good at provoking encounters. I just think that some of them must be done 
naturally, by mutual attraction, and that we must always be demanding and selective in these choices.

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